Saturday, April 9, 2016

Detox Delight

As I am reading nearly every fashion & lifestyle magazine, "Detox" in general wasn't quite new to me, but to be honest I have been thinking of disgusting green juices, so why should I ever try that? Thank god I had the chance to do a Detox Delight "Juice Delight" (for 3 days in a row) to conceive an opinion. Since winter I was constantly feeling tired and powerless, so I just wanted to give my body a healthy break.

Detox Delight cold-pressed juices (each 500ml bottle) contain up to 3 kilos of fruits and vegetables. They are 100% organic, natural, cold-pressed, vegan & gluten-free and you drink them about every 2 hours. A daily ration consists of:

1 x 500 ml Lemonade
4 x 500 ml Fruit- and vegetable juice
1 x 500 ml Nut milk

My conclusion: I wasn't struggling with hunger (as I expected in advance) but having a sick feeling from day 1, which really wasn't an enjoyment. Also I preferred the fruit juices and wasn't quite happy when a vegetable juice was up next and as I was drinking water apart from the liquid meals, I had to go to the toilet more often. All in all I felt very well prepared because of the Detox Delight Guide, which is full of background information and yummy recipes! 

*In collaboration with Detox Delight


  1. thanx for sharing

  2. Also für mich wäre das ja nix, aber ich ziehe meine Hut vor jedem, der das durchhält :)

    Liebe Grüße
    Nicole von Kurvig Schön


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