Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dreams and real life

Sometimes I am thinking about, how would my life look like, if it would be free from worries and existential fear. If I could be able to do anything I have ever dreamed of, like travelling the world, working independently, shopping without having to check price tags, driving a nice car and having an incredibly big and fully furnished apartment. What if, I would be able to do just anything that comes up to my mind?

Well..mostly all of that is possible, but there is a lot of hard work standing behind that dreams and wishes and unfortunately a lot of time. Winning the lottery would speed things up, but this is real life. Trying to achieve your goals, step by step, being happy with what you actually have and always craving for even more. Sometimes struggling and searching for a meaning of life. Dreams always keep us moving forward...


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  2. If I could I would buy a huge printout of this quote and hang it on my wall at home. I find it really motivational :)


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